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BEWARE: Ordering Fowerhorn Food or other products from Overseas is a BIG RISK. US Custom is unpredictable. They might confiscate it and you can never get it back. So it's BUYING at your own risk.
Cichlid/Flowerhorn Fans:
I know we're all familiar with Chingmix, Grandsumo or Haifeng. What is JBL? Where did it make from? JBL is a Germany company with a high reputation world wide. The product made in Hongkong, JBL Asia Division. I've been promoting this brand for a while, almost about 6 months. 9 out of 10 customers were very pleased with the result. Unlike other brands, JBL is a one formula for both head and color. For example: Chingmix has one for color and one for headbooster. Grandsumo also got one for high growth and one for color. JBL is the only brand that offer the same result with only one formula in a big size 460 grams. On top of that, JBL also contains multiple vitamins for your fish. You can take a look at the ingredients list below. We're not just a individual seller for JBL but we're also the only JBL importer in the state. Our product passed US Custom and USDA requirements. This is not a product that some one brought from oversea.

JerseyFlowerhorn is also doing a JBL feedback contest on facebook, Please go on the link below.

This contest is applying to all facebook members. The winner will receive a Deep Blue SolarMax T5 Strip Light - 48". In order to win the prize, you must enter all these information;

. Before and after photos

. time of using JBL
. please specify like/dislike JBL and why.

The person with the best photos and feedback will get the prize. Good luck and thank you for all your supports.

Ingredient list;

Protein: 41%      Vitamin A: 25,000 IU
Fat: 4%               Vitamin E: 330MG
Fiber: 3%            Vitamin D3: 2000IU
Ash: 9.5%           Vitamin C: 400MG




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